• Woodson County District Court
    Woodson County District Court

District Judge

Hon. Tod M. Davis

Secretary II

Rachel Smith
Phone: 620-625-8610 Ext 151

Magistrate Judge

Hon. Thomas P. Mikulka

Clerk Of The Court

Lisa Page

Court Reporter

Katherine Morris
Phone: 620-378-4361

Court Services Officers

Gaston Millar (Wilson County)
Phone: 620-378-4435

Woodson County Attorney

Zelda Schlotterbeck
Phone: 620-625-8615
Fax: 620-625-8603

Woodson County Sheriff

Jeff McCullough
Phone: 620-625-8640
Fax: 620-625-8672

Yates Center Municipal Court

117 E Rutledge
Yates Center, KS 66783
Phone: 620-625-2118


Woodson County Official Website
City of Yates Center Website

Every effort has been made to update the court calendar on a weekly basis. If you have any questions about a hearing, please verify it with the court.

Woodson County District Court Contact Information


105 W. Rutledge
Yates Center, KS 66783


(620) 625-8610


(620) 625-8674